Tiny Home Wood Burner Stove 2.5- 4kw


TINY BURNY 2.5 – 4 Kw.

Designed in NZ. Made in Turkey.

Clearance tested to meet NZ standard (AS/NZS2918:2001).

Not clean air tested.

Tiny Burny is a small wood fire designed and built for use where space is limited, such as Tinyhomes & Baches.

Tiny Burny conveniently sits on top of its own woodbox, making it the perfect height to see into, stoke easily, and cook on top of.

Specs with heat shield (mm)

366W x 290H x 397D   (Flue neck is 45mm high above the stove)

Weight: 38kgs

Wood box (mm):    300W x 545H x 290D

Weight: 9kgs

Output: 2.5-4kw

Flue diameter: 100mm( very common size) 

3.6m Stainless steel flue kit $485.00 and Roof Flashing Dectite $90.00

( we can supply custom size flue kits and BUS FLUE KITS )


Made from 5mm Steel

Great heat production for its size, perfect for cooking on. Robust and made to last.

Large cooking area

Saves you cooking time as you can have more than one pot going at a time.

Stainless Steel OVEN ($290.00)

Tiny Burny Oven sits on top plate and you can bake your scones, pizza, cakes , biscuits, bread, buns and warm you food. This is all done while its heating, warming and whiles you are enjoying the flames. It has a heat proof window and a temperature gauge. It also comes with a baking tray, Stainless Steel spring handle and a vent for better control.

Matte black finish

Protective coating to help it last. Easy to touch up if needed. Looks attractive!

Air intakes

1). Bottom air intake = Easier and less hot to handle; feeds air to the sides and bottom of the fire , making it burn really well 2). Door air intake = Feeds air flow over the glass which helps keep it clean

Door Seal

Fully sealed with quality fire rope. Hinges are hidden behind the door to give a more sleek look.

Door Handle

Shut at the 4 o’clock position to stop the handle over heating from direct radiation from the fire. Features a coiled spring tightly screwed to the handle which helps cool it down and provides easier, more temperate grip.

Heat shields

Stove has a double heat shield with perforations to allow for wetback fitting (if desired). NZ tested with the double heat shields to reduce stove clearance distances and allow for closer installation in more confined spaces.

Wetback  ($290.00)

It has predrilled wetback attachment holes at the back of the stove, covered by a screw on plate. To install a wetback simply remove the plate – super easy, saves you drilling holes! Sits to the left side of the stove to occupy less space. Stainless Steel Wetbacks are available – please enquire.

Wood Box

Saves space by allowing you to store wood beneath your stove. Only requires ash hearth floor protector NOT an insulated floor protector. The rear of the wood box features ventilation holes at the top and bottom which allow air circulation to the back of the stove, preventing overheating. Predrilled holes on the base plate of the wood box allow for easy anchorage to the hearth – saving you time on installation. Preinstalled attachment bolts under the stove allow for quick assembly.

Ash pan and Handle

Very easy to remove and empty ashes using the provided solid handle. Means you don’t have to touch the ash tray therefore no sooty hands. Much more convenient than most traditional ash trays.

5mm removable Baffle Plate

More durable, lasts longer than 3mm and for Easy Cleaning.

SEE DIAGRAM in the photos for the full dimensions.

Please send any questions you have on email : wt_toros@hotmail.com or call or txt 021 032 44 11