4020 Wood Burner Cooking Stove



Dimensions: STOVE EXTERNAL HEIGHT: 738.2mm / DEPTH: 419mm / WIDTH: 914.4mm

FIRE BOX: Full Cast Iron(Coal Rated) Width 245mm x Height 370mm x Depth 419mm (approx.)

OVEN INTERNAL Large Square oven trays. HEIGHT: 241.4mm / DEPTH: 419.0mm / WIDTH: 427.1mm

Product features:

  2. WETBACK OPTION is available. Made of a stainless-steel pipe and comes with predrilled holes for easy installation. The WETBACK is an additional $290.
  3. FLUE is a standard 115mm diameter, (FLUE KIT prices range from $475 to $525).
  4. LARGE COOKING SURFACE for multiple cooking pots and pans: 6mm steel plates.
  5. OVEN TEMPERATURE GUAGE( Will be Provided)
  6. PAINTED with high heat Enamel paint for easy maintenance.
  7. EASY, simple controls.
  8. TWO AIR CONTROLS for more efficient burning. Primary and secondary air intakes are located on the fire door.
  9. GLASS in the firebox door and oven door.
  10. OVEN DOOR opens left to right.
  11. LARGE FIRE BOX lined with Cast Iron construction plates.
  13. HEAT OUTPUT (nominal to minimum) 7KW PLUS rating. (Depending on the fuel, Coal and Hard woods produce more heat output)
  14. WEIGHT: 80kgs (approx.)
  15. TURKISH MADE to EU STANDARDS. This is an untested appliance, and the installer needs to adhere to AS/NZS 2918:2018. These standards are sensibleness for safety reasons and can be easily complied with. cooking range , coal range, wood range, off grid, wood fire, cooking and heating
Brand new cooking stove.

New Stock has JUST arrived, that are ideal for BUSES, SLEEP OUTS, TINY HOMES to LARGER HOMES and mobile homes.
It’s made in Europe.

You must come and check out our show room.

You can cook on the cast iron surface and cook/bake at the same time. It generates lots of heat.

It uses very little wood and clean burning.
It comes in 4 different colours (Black/Bordeaux/Beige and Cappuccino)

Made from high quality steel (2mm to 5mm) and cast Iron to European standards.

Full Cast Iron top for cooking and an excellent size oven with trays and racks, also comes with a temperature gauge.

Wood can be either placed from the top or front entry.

Only Limited Number left.

Stove Size: Width 800mm / Height 725mm / Depth 410mm

Oven Size: Width 370mm / Height285mm / Depth 360mm

Net Weight: 73kg

Flue size: 130mm

Heatable area: 111m3

Rated Thermal output: 7kW

Internal Reservoir: Brick and Cast Iron

Fire box (Width 245mm/ Height 260mm/ Depth 330mm)

Large cast Iron cooking area

Complete with ash tray and cast iron grate
Oven can handle 2 trays at a time.

Large warming/storage tray.

Tempeture gauge for the oven,

Fire and oven glass doors,

Doors are sealed with proper fire seals

Very sturdy constructions.

Excellent high quality heat resistant enamel finish

Reducer/Adapter part for the flue: from 130mm to 150mm (additional $65).

It meets EU standard EN 12815:2006

According to Regulation (EU} No 305/2011

It can be installed providing the installer adheres to AS/NZS 2918:2018.

These standard are sensibleness for safety reasons and can be easily complied with.

Please note this is not a NZ tested for AS/NZS 2918:2018.

Any QUESTIONS PLEASE feel free to ask me and see our other listings. thanks

Any questions please ask. You cannot find one like this in the market

Shipping on Average depending on the address,

North Island ( BETWEEN $50 to $130)
South Island (BETWEEN $70 to $150)

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