Bucket Stove




Brand New Turkish Wood Burning Stoves
Cast iron topped stoves,

Also see our listing for more info: Listing #: 1639799655

Indoor or outdoor cooking, making pizzas, heating water
Also ideal for indoors and for hunting and fishing baches,

It comes with:

2 x steel buckets
2 x iron grates
2 x cooking trays.
3 x 660mm pipes + elbow, approx 2 meters

Stove Diamentions:  Width 800mm  / Heigh 670mmt / Depth 450mm

Oven Size: Width 345mm / Height 140mm / Depth 345 mm

Flue size: 130mm
Flue Adapter for 150mm (additional $65).

Net Weight: 53kg

Heating area approx.: 45 – 55 m²

Internal Reservoir is Steel

*** Complies with NZS 2918 for installation clearances.