Manual Hand operated water pump


Manually Operated Hand Water Pump.

These cast iron hand water pumps are a tried and proven design used for decades in central Asia and the Philippines as local rural community pumps.

*Max suction 9 metres
*Max head 25 metres
*Delivery approx. 1 litre per stroke. 33 litres per minute or Roughly 2 cubic metres per hour
*Stainless steel liner for smooth operation and long life.
*Manual operation – no electricity required.
*These pumps suck water from a depth of approximately 9 metres.
*Two spouts to choose from operated by manual gate.
* One spout for filling containers
*The other spout is a high pressure spout and can be connected to a hose for increased pressure or connected to a 20mm water pipe to further lift water another 25metres higher than the pump.
*The high pressure fitting can be connected in horizontal or vertical position.
*Solid construction weighing 23 kg.
*Cast iron construction with few moving parts for a long service life
*You can use this pump to draw water from your source. We have sold these pumps to farmers on dam supply. They use them to siphon water back through their gravity fed farm water supply after getting an air lock. Just a few strokes and the water will be flowing again as long as the intake filter is not blocked up.
These pumps will suit anyone looking to install a backup water supply if your primary water supply is intermittent or unreliable. You would need to have a suitable water resource available. All applicable laws should be adhered to.


Casting height 56 cm
Diameter through cyclinder 11.5 cm (approx 36cm across widest dimenstion)

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